Friday, October 06, 2006

Blind Contour First Friday-October SPOOKY

spooky sock monkey


this is my new spooky sock monkey courtesy of kim, who rocks the sock monkey world. you should check out the link b/c motley is MUCH more colourful and you should look at the wonderful work kim did for this halloween set of sock monkeys. woot woot sock monkey drawer!



  1. spooky blind contour sock monkey. nice job.

  2. You got him already? That was fast. He's too soft to be spooky but maybe that's how he lures you in and then WHAM!

  3. Jes, Thanks for the woot woot! I'm really glad you like Motley :)

  4. yay! your site is working! I am so glad that Motley has a good home. Kim is the queen! she should wear socks on her head as a crown. I knew what your drawing was of right away! you are soo good at this!

  5. he's a little spooky when he looks like he's got the hobo whiskers action goin' on. and the blob was certainly soft and spooky. so i'm sure motley has some things up his... er... sleeves?

    i was going to draw the hampden house, which is certainly spooky, but it was too dark by the time i found out the theme. besides, i'm scared to go back there.