Wednesday, February 14, 2007


downward glance
more practice

i think i'm going to stick with the basics these days with my drawing practice. no color. yet. just me and my pencil or ink.

drew this from a catalogue. though ian would undoubtedly willing to help out, i find models hard to come by. so, this is second best. it gives me a chance to play around with postures i'm not used to drawing.

this picture i tried to stay with more of the lines, less of the shading.


  1. nice. I like her face a lot. the lack of shading makes it hard to get the three dimensions on her body though. But i like the lines, she's obviously slumping

  2. i love it seeks! the simple lines show so much of her form and posture..and the small amount of smudge around the nose is really nice. sheesh girl, you really can draw!