Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Been A While

one confusing genius

it was kindly brought to my attention that i have been slacking big time with keeping this site up to date. i mean, come on now, the design was my 'spring' theme last year, and it's already almost spring again. sad, really.

so, this is my rendition of msr. jean-paul sartre, the godfather of existentialism. i've been meaning to draw him for a while, after niff was talking about doing caricatures. however, when i sat down, i realized that really, i just need to figure out how to draw regularly before i move on to caricatures.

so this is a filler for another month or so, if i keep up the current trend. hopefully i'll have more soon.


  1. yay!! sorry for being so pushy, but i love to see your drawin's.


  2. holy crap the seeks! this is amazing!

  3. i really like this jess! it's something i would totally hang up on a wall.

  4. this is the right kind of art i like.you my visit my blog and watch my works that i want to make like yours.