Saturday, March 19, 2011

Antique Store findings

This past Sunday, I found out that my art class was not in session because, who'd have thought?, it is their spring break. So, I ended up running over to Hampden with the hubby to wander around and explore local shops. Hampden's "Avenue" (36th Street) has a range of antique stores and boutiques that are fun to trawl. I had not planned on getting anything, but thought it'd be a good
opportunity to look for a brooch for my swing dress and maybe a new tablecloth and some vintage fabrics or patterns. You've already seen my brooch find, but I thought I'd boast about my other finds as well.

We only went to one antique store, Avenue Antiques, which is really more of a marketplace in which multiple ven
dors have items out for sale. My big find is this sleek dress that fit me just right! I tried it on, and it was decided for me by my husband that I'd buy the dress. Fortunately, it was a reasonable price at $14, so I didn't argue. (I mean, look at it! It's like an optical illusion!)

There was a trunk full of vintage fabrics, and I spent much of the time looking through them, but none of them really were for any better prices than I could get at a fabric store, and none of them were amazing en
ough to want to take home otherwise.

There was a whole bolt of peach fabric for $12 that I wanted to want to buy. But I really cannot imagine making peach clothes for any occasion.
I was about to leave when I saw some sewing patterns, saying out loud that that was what I'd been looking for the whole time. I was disappointed to only find that they were kids' Halloween costume patterns, when the store staff showed me a sizeable stash of patterns hiding underneath a painting. Yippee!

I had been hoping to make myself a romper this year, as I've been winsomely reviewing the romper section of Urban Outfitters since last year. When I saw the post by emcee on the romper/playsuits she made for herself and a friend, I felt even more sure that I'd have to give it a try.

I have a couple ideas of how to go about it, but was excited to find some jumper patterns that I can use as a base pattern for what I had in mind. I'll have to steer clear of the full length jump suits, though, as they'll just remind me of my high school play director! :p

I also got the shorts pattern so that I could use that as the bottom for a top I already wanted to use for one romper version. I've never really made up a pattern on my own, so I'm a little nervous about the process. I cannot figure out if I trust my pattern altering skills that much or not. But I'm hoping that this will prove to be a good start. What do you think?

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