Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ebbs and Flows

It took me two years to acknowledge that I was no longer updating my blog. And it's taken me a year to come back to it.

I make no promises, O World, as to how well I will maintain this site from now on, but I would like to reopen it to the world to track my past times.

After finding myself checking and rechecking blogs about sewing and making things and creating and all sorts of wondrous stuff, I realized I should feed the creative beast inside me again. I have been busy. I have taken up sewing again, after generally setting it aside since high school (minus occasional projects). In addition to sewing, I have enrolled in a figure drawing "class" (non-credit sessions at the local awesome art school). I have found that I have plenty of work to do, but I enjoy the chance to improve.

I have also started a new diet (candida diet) which has necessitated a great deal of changes for me in recent months. I feel it is going well, but I have found that I am always on the lookout for wonderful new dishes that I can have. If I'm not checking out crafty creations via my Google Reader, I am likely checking out the culinary creations.

For those of you who may actually read this update upon its posting, welcome back to a slightly revived, though possibly still unconscious, Seek Speak. For those of you who stumble upon it later, welcome to a project I hope will continue to grow and flourish over the course of the years, instead of sputtering along in a mean, neglected existence.

Hallelujah, she has risen! Indeed she has risen!

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  1. Jes, I look forward to seeing & hearing your creative heart/voice! Amen, she is risen! : )