Friday, March 04, 2011

Getting (Re)started

It's been quite a while since I've found myself thinking in pictures and snippets larger than my iPhone and Facebook's or Twitter's limited space allows. Restarting the Seek Speak has gotten my wheels turning, though, which is exciting. I have been daydreaming over the past few days about what pictures to take for my posts and how fun it would be to pull out our "fancier" camera to do so. Hah.

Folks, my hubby and I bought this camera the year we got married. That was seven years ago. The "big" storage card for this camera is 512MB. I remember a time when I actually thought that was big. Where are my GB?

This camera, though it sports various options for messing with focus, ISO, lighting, etc., etc. etc., stinks for what I'm really wanting. I just took pictures of what I thought would be stellar food close-ups, only to realize I probably could have gotten something comparable from my iPhone. Bugger.

So, while I figure out how to save some money to get the kind of camera Ian has been dreaming about for the past year, you will have to make due with some fuzzy, low-res, but not altogether bad pictures.

Sorry, my lovelies. Please don't take this personally.

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  1. I'm in the same boat with my Fuji. Much prefer the ease of my new Kodak EasyShare. Sad state.