Monday, March 28, 2011

Japan Quake Appeal Raffle, follow up

Sooooo, no one bid on my raffle. I guess I should keep a stash of nice finished products to use for just such occasions. This is when it helps to have a fabric stash, I suppose.

I only feel bad that I wasn't able to solicit any donations, really. The items I put on raffle will easily find other homes, I think. Or return to the creative chaos that is my craft room, later to emerge from the ether as something altogether unexpected.

Actually, the origami paper may be going to a Girl Scout troop to make a care package to send to Japanese Girl Scouts. Even if they don't need it anymore, I can always find homes for little paper cranes.

And inventorying the fabric has inspired me to possibly make a quilt of sorts. I'm not much of a quilter, as I never actually do the quilting part. And I measure out things quickly and inaccurately, which is always a bad recipe for quilting.

But wouldn't it make for a cute quilt? All blues and Japanese prints. I'd likely make the rabbit the centerpiece in the composition, as it's the year of the rabbit. I am thinking of ways to incorporate other elements to refer to the earthquake/tsunami event.  I'll post more on it as it develops. In the meantime, go donate to the cause (whatever cause you see as important), or volunteer somewhere and do something meaningful for the community!

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