Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gertie's Crepe Sew-Along: Basics

I'll be starting with the pattern alterations and cutting this weekend, if all goes well. Before I do, I'd like to wax in admiration of the Colette Pattern Aesthetic (it all gets capitalized, because it is that good). People across various sewing blogs have been noting how Colette does such a nice job on their patterns, but this is my first time getting to enjoy it myself.


Not only do I not get confused by some horrendous fashion options on the front cover, I get a clear description and an attractive presentation.

The size range within one pattern is also great, as I can make myself a dress from this pattern (I'm petite), I can make more average sized people a dress from this pattern, and I can make a dress for those who are larger too. Dresses for everyone!

Now, you can't see it from this view, but unlike the envelope style of most patterns you buy from the big companies, Colette's pattern is actually a book with the pattern pieces in an envelope on the inside.

And they are so cool, they give you a nice welcoming start that lays out the basics clearly. Most patterns explain the basics, but aren't as easy to read.

They even have a section in the book for you to make your own notes! Be still my heart!

And the coolest part? 

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