Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Culling through the Cornicopia

So, here's a bit of a disclaimer: I'm posting because I want to enter a giveaway. I want this pincushion, if I can swing it:

So kawaii!!

In order to get a chance at getting this pincushion, I have to talk about this pincushion:

The cool part about this hat pincushion? You can make it yourself. And you don't have to sew it. Though I suppose you should sew if you were to make it, as it's not very helpful to make a no-sew pincushion unless you use pins.

I'm not really into the little hat pincushion, though I'll admit it's sweet and cute in its delicate detailed way. It's just not my thing. Round-bellied, Totoro-esque, green kitty pincushions are more my thing. Which brings me to the (hopefully) meaningful portion of my post: how do you remember your sense of style within the vast internet's worth of resources?

I have recently joined multiple forums dedicated to sewing, with the Sew Weekly an obvious one, at least for as long as they have pincushions, right? Just kidding! Actually, Sew Weekly has been one of my favorite resources online for sewing these days. The forum members are supportive, responsive, and nice; their projects are compelling and fun. I've also joined Burdastyle, Colette Patterns, and Pattern Review. I have found a lot of great information and inspiration through Burda and Colette. I haven't done much with the Pattern Review membership, but they have upcoming contests, which intrigue me. I also have to admit that I am currently following about 50 sewing/design/DIY blogs. I can't seem to get enough!

All of the information that I devour about sewing and fashion and creative pasttimes can make it difficult for me to remember what I actually like. For instance (easy quick example), the Sew Weekly's current challenge is to make an apron. I soooooooo want to participate! But I don't really like aprons all that much. And I have an awesome thrifted one to use when I break down and need one.

Or, I see another sweet dress posted on any of the blogs/forums, and I want to make it too! But, I really don't need another dress in that style. I probably wouldn't even wear/use some of them, even if they are fashionable and fun to make. (It should be noted that I just subscribed to another blog feed in looking for examples of tutorials I won't use.) And there are plenty of fashion hacks that I like learning about, but probably wouldn't have bought in the store, even at reasonable prices.

It reminds me of going to craft fairs where you are bombarded with amazing, creative products and people and you just want to be part of it. But similar to little flowered baskets that I used to make with my mom as a kid, I just can't seem to find a use for these things. (She did seem to sell a lot of them, too, which I still can't figure out, no matter how cute they were.) And the last thing a fledgling hoarder (or "collector" as my father put it), multiple useless things are not what I need in my home. Even if it means I don't get to try out that cool sewing technique.

How do you keep your urges under control? How do you stay true to your style?

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  1. I didn't know you needed a pincushion! I'd've gladly volunteered.