Thursday, April 07, 2011

House of Marmalade's Pencil Skirt tutorial

I've been having dreams of making a dress similar to Shabby Apple's Oh La La dress for a while now, but haven't really put much thought into it until I decided to seriously pursue sewing as a hobby. I love the look and it's romantic style, but I just don't really like the A-line skirt so much. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a spectacular dress, but in my day-dreams, it's got a pencil skirt.

Obviously, I don't have a pattern for this. But, I have been itching to learn how to make my own patterns. After making an ad hoc pattern of sorts, having cheated off of an existing piece, I would like to start thinking in terms of making an actual pattern. The shirt will likely be tricky, but I'm hoping to use one of my favorite shirts as a base to sketch out a pattern for that portion.

I was struggling to find an option for the skirt pattern that I liked. High-waisted skirt patterns just were seemingly making themselves scarce. I searched BurdaStyle's online skirt pattern options, to no avail, and the patterns that I did find were from magazine issues that I could only find in German. I have already looked up some tutorials on making high-waisted/corset skirts, but they didn't really give me much guidance on drafting a pencil skirt well. However, (hallelujah!), I just found House of Marmalade's posts on how to draft a pattern for a pencil skirt. A high-waisted pencil skirt.

It looks like the stars are aligning. Though I am contemplating the possibility of making the skirt with a sailor front.

Oh, am I ever ambitious.

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