Friday, April 01, 2011

Gift Making, 2

 I do not have any children, and it's just as well, since I think I may be a neglectful mother. I only just did what I've been putting off for weeks, and sometimes years: transplanting. I received a beautiful container garden recently, and the plants looked amazing for quite some time. However, I did not break them out into their own pots and they were jockeying for resources at an alarming rate. I tried to take pictures of the poor things, but they didn't turn out. I suppose that may be a good thing, because they're really sorry looking plants.

I've also been putting off thinning out some day-lilies that I've had for about four years now. Or is it three? Either way, what was two or three large day-lilies have become multitudes of teeny ones in a medium sized flower pot.

So I finally replanted them. Which has resulted in me having three times as many pots of day lilies, but it still left a lot of teeny day lilies with no place to go. That would be a shame, as they're quite lovely and resilient flowers.

Which is where we come to the gift giving part. My coworkers often treat the office to treats of cupcakes and muffins and other desserts. Bagels are pretty popular too. I can't have any of these treats without worrying about physical reactions, but I don't want to bring any of my "treats", as I think most folks are hesitant with trying non-traditional foods, especially when their favorite ingredients, sugar and flour, are missing.

Since I can't feed them, why not at least share some Spring?

I also owe a particular coworker of mine a terrarium or a plant after she gave me her gift from the company gift exchange to help me with my holiday "shopping".

Enter Mr. Sweet Potato Head, funnily enough, not nearly as cheerful as his name may suggest:

 My coworker has pets, so I'd been trying to figure out what plants may be safe to have around overly curious, slightly munchy cats. When I had a leftover bit of inedible sweet potato, I did what any decent nerdy crafty girl would and decided to grow it like I was in grade school. I'm hoping that since he was edible as a root, perhaps the leaves will be safe for feline advances?

Either way, I think he's done quite well for himself, despite being so grumpy.

Instead of the usual terrarium I've made, I put him in a wide mouth hermetic jar, with little space actually inside the jar. As a sweet potato, he's going to wanna trail and lounge around all over the place. So, I put him close to the top and gave him some local (wild) moss to keep him company. Maybe it'll teach him how to loosen up?

I'm not sure he's really all that impressed with his new home. 

I hope my coworker is impressed with him, though!

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