Monday, April 18, 2011

Sewing Productivity Project, Day 2

On to Day 2's responses:

1. Keep track of your sewing productivity for one or two weeks. We'll keep the timeframe flexible so anyone can join in whenever it's best for them. Things you might want to note in your sewing diary:
- How many hours per day/week do you sew? None so far, probably none by the time I get to bed. I'm tired, and it's already 11.
- What are you spending/wasting the rest of your free time on? work, and a date with my husband. I haven't even fed myself my dinner yet.
- When you do sew, how do you feel before, during and afterwards? I've been thinking about sewing about 50% of my day today. As opposed to the usual 75%. But no during or afterwards to assess.
- What factors are you aware of that impact upon when you make time to sew? Long commute, late night at work, desire to actually have a fun night out with my bud.
- What are you learning about sewing productivity from this process, if anything? What tips can you share? Clarify one's priorities to determine one's plans. I could have stayed home and worked on a Sew Weekly challenge I have in mind, or I could have actually gone out and laughed a ton with my husband. Though I would have enjoyed both, I feel I chose the more important option.

Also, in light of the fact that this is veering towards the "softer" social science approach, all qualitative and stuff (which, I love, btw), I thought I'd even this out with a little bit of a percentile breakdown of the day. See where the attention's being given.

Day 1: Family (including prep of meals and commute to event): 8:30 to 7:30 (11 hours)... 77.2%
             Computer:8:30-9, 9:30-10:30 (1.5 hours, at least half of which is sewing related)...3.6%
             Violin 9-9:30 (.5 hour)...3.5%
              Sewing 10:30-10:45 (.25 hour)...1.8%

It should be noted that these percentiles don't actually add up to 100%. What kind of quantitative study is this?!?!?

Day 2: Work (including commute) 8:30-8:00 (11.5 hours)...
             Evening out with Hubby 8:10-10:30 (2.3 hours)...
              Computer 10:30-present (all about sewing, just not doing any)...

Percentiles for today will be calculated tomorrow, when I actually can tally my full day. I haven't even gone to bed yet, you know?

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