Monday, April 18, 2011

Novice Sewer Reference Page

Now, no worries, I still plan on venting on my lack of knowledge as I continue pursuing this sewing obsession of mine. (I would like to refer you to this little write-up to explain just how bad it is.)

However, I thought that I would at least offer a general review of the resources I've pursued and perused as I slowly knock my head against my computer screen in confusion. So, I have added an additional page to my site titled Novice Sewer Resources. As the page states, it's my bloggerography/bibliography of helpful information I've found on sewing basics (and not so basics, too). I know that I may be repeating the work of others, but then again, others' study sheets for college exams never helped me out as much as my own.

I would apologize for my apparent favoring of certain sites, but I feel like they have snagged my attentions because they are so good. Why apologize for something that just makes good sense?

So, please feel free to make use of what is really just my sewing cheat sheet/wishful thinking list of goals. I hope others find it useful and navigable.  It is certainly an imperfect compilation, but I will be adding to it throughout. It may even get prettier.

I have also moved my completed projects to another page, so that I don't have an entire side of my page filled with buttons. I'm hoping it makes it easier for folks to see what I'm currently working on, but still can see what I've been up to in the past.

All I can hope is that you will find these pages helpful. Any constructive feedback is welcome, so please, give it.


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