Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sewing Productivity Project, Day 5

Day 5... two more to go!

- How many hours per day/week do you sew? none today. couldn't fit it in.

- What are you spending/wasting the rest of your free time on? work, computer, yoga, social time

- When you do sew, how do you feel before, during and afterwards? I actually am feeling very good about possibly getting some sewing work done. But it's past midnight. I need sleep. :( We'll have to see what tomorrow brings, I suppose.

- What factors are you aware of that impact upon when you make time to sew? Social time; spending time with friends and family still trumps sewing. Sorry.

- What are you learning about sewing productivity from this process, if anything? What tips can you share? Again, I go back to the idea that it's probably best if I get straight to sewing once I get home. I may need to start making a list of things I need to get done so I do them in a more organized fashion. But I'm already a list-crazy kinda gal, so maybe I just need to get things done as I get them done and stop thinking that things have to follow a certain schedule. Deadlines, schmeadlines.

Day 5: Work (including commute) 8:15-6:30 (10.25 hours)... 63.1%
            Computer 6:30-7:30(1 hour)... 6.2%
            Yoga 7:30-9:15 (1.75 hours)... 10.8%
            Dinner with sister after yoga 9:15-11 (1.75 hour)... 10.8%
            TV time with hubby 11-11:30 (.5 hour)... 3.1%
            Computer 11:30-12:30 (1 hour)... 6.2%

I'm actually going to try and refrain from computer time tomorrow. I love Good Friday, and like to give it its due. I'll try and post Saturday, but will be making a trip to Pittsburgh that day and may not have great sewing access. Should I pack my sewing machine?

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