Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upcoming Changes

So, though I'd like to credit Tilly's Sewing Productivity Project for opening my eyes on all the time/energy I spend wasted on unproductive things, I've been rethinking my work schedule for some time now. Since Buddy has gotten a new job that can cover most of our expenses (we were living mainly on my income for the past two years, and that's not much), I've been daydreaming about going part time.

With recent hikes in gas prices and some significant changes in my personal life, I've once again had to return to the question of part time work. I was just not doing the job I needed to do at my current placement. So, I asked for less hours. They said they couldn't afford to give that to me, but noted that another branch of the company was looking to hire a part time position. And that this branch is closer to where I live. Hunh.

No brainer, right? Sort of. I really love my job. And I love my coworkers. And I love my clients. This change was just not something to be taken lightly, no matter how many hours I wanted to cut.

But, in doing the Sewing Productivity Project, a few things came to light that I needed to face. I am often stressed. I am often grumpy. I drive too much. And I don't have enough of a social life. Well, not social when I'm doing my hobbies. And I want to make my hobbies more social. It's been hard to feel completely gratified with my sewing because I've also been feeling burnt out from work and lonely when I come home and don't have time to do both social and sewing related things.

So, I've decided to take this part-time position, and open myself to some free-floating possibility. Granted, I will be transitioning between offices for the next few months, until they hire a suitable replacement. But I am moving on, and I'm hoping to move on to more productive, but *simpler* things. Curb that planning beast inside my head and just slow down.

Here's to the savoring.

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  1. This sounds like you have thought it through and it's a great option for you. I stopped working last year and don't miss it or the money. There is a calm in our home. Part time is wonderful, best of both worlds! Good luck! Hope you find others to sew with, that would be a lot of fun!