Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crepe Sew-Along, Coming Along

I'd post pictures if it didn't mean I had to go take them and then upload them.

I just want to say that a) I am quiet on here in part because I am sewing (taking the Sewing Productivity Project's advice), and b) no matter how hard I try, I always manage to make some egregious error in my measurements. My back bodice pieces are about an inch shorter than my front bodice piece. Ugh. After I tried to adjust for it being too long previously, no less. I think I can flub it when I attach the skirt, but I find myself trying to think of creative corrections that don't involve tearing it all apart again. How do I always do this?

As I plan on wearing this dress on Saturday, pictures and progress will be posted soon, though.  I'll go more into my random improvisations to save this dress then, and I'll look all heroic with the finished product too. (I hope!)

1 comment:

  1. good luck! I too, manage the same kind of things, don't get discourage. You will work it out! Looking forward to the crepe!