Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thrift Finds from Last Week

There's even more you can't see.
I'm pretty behind on this blog, I realize this. Well, okay. Behind compared to how often I'd like to be posting. A post every few days has been fun, but just not practical for me of late.

Which is why I'm only now posting about some awesome thrift finds I had last week. I stayed home with a sick Buddy two Fridays ago, which gave me time to finish my wedding crepe. Only thing was that I didn't have any bias tape, and the tutorials I reviewed about making my own recommended the use of a bias tape maker. Boo.

But! I had time to make a Value Village run while Buddy was sleeping off some crazy allergic reaction. I've gone there before and saw bags and bags of bias tape, so I thought I may get lucky. I didn't really get lucky in terms of bias tape, but ooh la la! Fabric and buttons!

One bag of vintage buttons, which also contained some belt buckles and bias tape (but I didn't see it until I had already bought some for the crepe). $2.50

And more.

One and a half yard or so of black duck cotton. $1
Almost three yards of thick brown cotton. $2.50

I also got a pattern for Butterick 6602, which I think was $2?

So, grand total of under $10. Yippee!!

This is actually black.
 I bought both the pattern and the duck cotton in the hopes of making some shorts. As I watch others get ready to participate in Me-Made-June, I realize I just don't have any home-sewn bottoms. Just some dresses. 

I had thought I'd make some shorts with the fabric and pattern together, but I think I may try to use them separate. The simplicity of the pattern seems like it may be a waste of some fun fabric. 

The brown fabric is also darker than this.
I am really excited about the brown fabric, as it is just long and heavy enough for me to feel like it'd work well for a jumpsuit. My cousin has requested a jumpsuit, and I plan on using the "ugly" pattern I posted on The Sew Weekly a bit ago. This will be my first time making a fitted pattern for someone else since I resumed sewing. I never realized how much pressure I'd feel just knowing that someone else will wear this.

I have some kawaii cotton fabric from the tsunami raffle I won a bit ago that I think I'll use as some contrast fabric. Not doing the pockets and straps like that though. No way. 

All I need now is a long zipper, and I can tackle this project.

As for the buttons, these are my favorites. The dark buttons are hopefully to be used on some sailor pants I'd like to make. I love those things. The green and red have such cool designs on them! The mother of pearl buttons are just so pretty and sooooo vintage. The belt buckles are fun because I can now think in terms of matching belts for projects. And finally, the fabric covered buttons should offer some fun options for future projects.

I know these pics are  a little small. I'll post bigger versions on Flickr.

After participating in the Traveling Lace exchange through The Sew Weekly Circle, I realized how small of a notions stash I had. Seeing all of the lovely gifts others were sending around the world, I became even more self conscious about the meager set of options I had at home. I still think that my recipient through traveling lace hasn't received her package (though one person just recently got theirs, so maybe hers will show up soon too). Feeling really quite bad about that, I have decided that I will use some of the finds I've made recently to send her a new and improved notions package. She has know idea of what bounty awaits!


  1. Fun! Let me know if you are willing to spread the button love this way...knitting tons of baby sweaters over here and could always use fun buttons! ;)

  2. Absolutely! I'll try to bring them next time I see you. :)

  3. Great stuff! You lucked out to find such nice buttons! I too, don't post much, it's okay!

  4. Hi! Just found your blog through the Sew Weekly community-- and I'm in Baltimore, too! I have to ask which Value Village had such bounty?? I thrift constantly--both for myself as well as for my freelance work costuming. I have found some great vintage patterns at the Brooklyn Park location.

    Enjoy those beautiful buttons!

  5. Hi Sabine! I go to the York Rd one, around Govans. I find some incredible stuff there pretty regularly.
    I'll have to check out the Brooklyn Park location, as I love a good thrift shop. Maybe we can set up a thrifting meet up one of these days!

  6. A thrift meet would be awesome! That's so funny, I live right around the corner from the one on York Road, and drive by there when I visit my roommate at work all the time, and yet I never go in it! I will totally have to check it out.