Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrift Finds from this Week, Part 1: Fabric

Went to a local church's flea market this weekend, and spent about $14 on sewing stuff. Fabric and notions. Thing is, I got so much, I have to make two posts to make it digestible! 

1.5 yards, cotton

2 yards, cotton

1.5 yards, nubbly cotton 

less than 1 yard, nubbly fabric (cotton/synthetic mix?)

2.5 yards cotton lawn? voile?

.5 yard of black, lined lace. I didn't adjust the levels on this, so the red tints pops out more than it does in real-life.

2.3 yards of silky synthetic brocade, from a wrap. To go with the lace.
I also bought about 3 yards of what seems to be white cotton batiste (?), which is awesome considering how I couldn't find it in JoAnn Fabrics for my swing dress. If it's not batiste, it will do quite nicely, as it's light and pleasant to the touch. It even has a bit of shimmer to it. *dreamy expression* There's another bit of similar batiste-y cotton, but the measurements are hard to determine; it's very long but cut up in places. I would say it adds up to about 1.5 yards on a more standard bolt.

So, that's about 15 or so yards for less than $1/yard, since I haven't even included the notions I bought.

So, now that I have all of this fabric, anyone have any suggestions on what to make?


  1. Oh how wonderful! You are so lucky! I would suggest some great vintage blouses. I have been making a lot of them. They are easy to make and take little material, plus great for paring them up with a pair of shorts or skirt. Good luck!! And have fun with that fabric!

  2. Good call, Gina! I'll keep an eye out for some vintage blouse patterns. :) I've been looking at top patterns all week trying to figure out some good options.