Friday, July 29, 2011

While I Continue to Stall

I don't know what my issue is. No wait, I do. It's been super hot lately, and I don't have AC in my sewing room.

Which means I find various reasons not to be sewing at the moment. Even though I wanted to participate in the Summer Essentials Sew-Along. Even though I would love some sweet shorts. Even though I have big plans.

I think I always have big plans. I just think big.

Did I say "issue"? I meant "issues". I've also been distracted by fun projects of love, small projects for others, and continued craziness with the transfer to part-time. Who'd have thought I'd have felt so crazed by the end of July?

But I am now officially, completely, transferred to my new spot, closer to home. Three days a week. So sewing should now resume right? Even in the heat, because I can't do a summer sew-along if I don't actually sew in the summer, right? Well. I have to admit something else to you my dear readers.

I think I am intimidated by the scope of work that I sought to tackle this summer. I have a quilt that I still am stalling on, because I haven't sewn on the waves. I am cowed by the task I set up for myself: eighty or so little humps to sew over, one after the other, when I haven't even figured out how to get a straight line to stay straight on cotton. And then these shorts! They should be easy, but I made some mistakes in cutting, and am scared to put it all together, because this is really one of the first major projects I've taken on lately without the safety net of a sew-along community.


I am telling you about my issues for a couple reasons. The last time I admitted my misgivings, you ladies were able to give me some encouragement, and I was also able to get over myself. Sometimes just by admitting defeat, you are no longer burdened by the shame. I'm hoping that this confession will have similar benefit.

However, new posts will be coming. I haven't been completely unproductive. More like stash productive.

Here's a teaser:


  1. Oh, just go for it! If anything goes wrong there's always the trusty seam ripper! There are trouser sew a longs on the blogosphere so you should be able to go to them for some hints and tips for the shorts. Grab the bull by the horns and go for it!

  2. Keep thinking big: it'll net more creative and exciting ideas in the long run. But... be gentle on yourself. I ALWAYS put too much on my metaphorical plate and then get stressed out when it's clear I can't achieve it all. All you can do is shrug, take deep breaths, and adjust your timescale or priority projects. Lots of little steps!

  3. Thanks you two! I have to admit, Mimi, that the seam ripper just makes me mad sometimes. But I am working on changing that attitude and assume a more zen approach. I will have to get myself back on track, but I will try to do it gently so I don't quail under self-imposed pressure. ;)