Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrifting finds: Antique Malls and Leaky Tires

So, even though I've been postponing sewing for unreasonable reasons, I have not stopped thinking about it. I think I'm just better at getting caught up with the idea of sewing than I am at following through. At least, when I'm needlessly nervous (thanks for the kick in the pants, Magpie Mimi & Amy!).

(I hope to post soon on the sewing. I still have work to do, though.)

Over the summer, I have just started to enjoy the extra hours afforded by part-time work. Like visiting an antique mall and buying various goodies for reasonable prices. I really don't like spending more than five dollars on a pattern unless I know I *have* to make that pattern for some reason. So, getting $2 goodies always feels good and justifiable.

Here's a  visual summary of some of the goodies I procured:

I was particularly intrigued by this attachable bib, even though I cannot decide if I'll ever wear such a thing: 

A closer view: 

I also was able to find a McCall's Step-By-Step Sewing Book, which I thought would be fun as another basic resource. I'm pretty sure I can't have enough of those. I need reinforcement on the basics all the time. But more importantly, check out that wacky, hot print on that dress!

The pictures and content are pretty sweet from what I've looked through, too:

I feel like I need to have matching nail polish for all of my projects now. Or at least a red dress to sew. So feisty!
Apologies for the wobbles on this one; I am still learning proper photography concepts, so had suffered from some shaky hand meets overly long exposure. Either way, I'm excited to read the book. I'm sure I'll get some good info out of it.

I think I got all of these things, plus two or three pieces of fabric for under $11. Not bad! The only portion of the trip that was almost a disaster was that I got a nail in my tire and had to find a tire place open on a Sunday. I was fortunate, in that I found a tire place and then had my family meet me for dinner in the meantime. A productive day all around!

Any good thrifting finds on your end?

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  1. Awesome! It's always so fun thrifting! Yes, I found a few finds. I bought a couple of skirts for refashioning. I found that during my down times without sewing that I spend time learning a lot by reading. It's amazing how much you can learn by looking at the pictures of how to's. Good luck, you'll be back to it soon I am sure.