Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fascinator Fascination

I have been contemplating my Halloween costume only as though it were a whiff of candy corn on an autumn breeze on a blustery day. Briefly, half-mindedly, and without much hope of coming to a productive conclusion.

But I have been contemplating getting dressed up for some friends' wedding reception Halloween weekend like I think about food: frequently, ardently, and excitedly. Almost obsessed. Because food is damn good. And so is dressing up for a worthwhile occasion.

There are plans in the works, but in the process I got to return to something I have found myself intrigued by over the past couple years: fascinators. Not the boxy odd ones at the royal wedding, but the feathery, whimsical, romantic ones that remind me of the Roaring Twenties, exotic Frazetta princesses (though I don't think any of them would wear even that much), and First Peoples.

Here are some of my favorites from my trawling of Etsy:

Source: ursusarctosana *Cruelty free!*

Source: No Plucked Duck *Cruelty free!*
Source: Action Jackson

Fun, right? And such a range of options!

I have to say, though, that my favorite is actually a local artisan in Baltimore: Design by Night.


Peacock Blue Flower Brooch/Hair Clip
Autumn Colors Fascinator

Feather and Flower Headband

Ummmm, I could totally just post her whole site on here and still feel like I should show you more. But I realize that some of that is just my own obsession.  Her work is neat, detailed, and tastefully constructed. The felt backings are heart shaped, the feathers hand curled. I'm pretty sure she makes her flowers by hand too, but I didn't ask. She evens knows to get headbands that don't hurt. I always get headaches with headbands, but hers are quite comfortable!

I was able to meet up with Kolleen, the artist of Design by Night, tonight and peruse her wares. First, I'd like to let you ladies know that the Etsy shop doesn't even begin to cover the work she does. Second, it's all good. And third, I've gotten my fascinator for my reception outfit. I won't ruin the surprise, as part of the fun of dress up is the reveal. But I expect pictures to be forthcoming. :)

In the meantime, you should check out Kolleen's blog with her upcoming shows, tutorials, and products! Ugh. I am so going to be spending way too much money.

And no, Kolleen doesn't know I'm writing this. I'm just giddy.  Thanks, Kolleen! (I'll probably be calling you soon for another fascinator when I get paid again. Obsessed, I'm telling you!)

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