Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Unconventional Sewing

Thanks to the Colossal blog, I have been made painfully aware of just how roughshod my sewing skills are.

Cayce Zavaglia does portraits by crewelwork and acrylic painting. And just because paint is involved in there somewhere (I think it's just the background), don't think that the sewing involved in each of her 14 portraits isn't amazingly detailed and minute. Because it is.

Garrett, detail

The reverse of the above portrait

Even greater detail

Judith G. Klausner also provides humbling examples of just how delicate one can be with needlework. She has a series of pieces involving embroidery on toast and cross-stitch on Chex cereal.

It still weirds me out to think of the egg as only a series of flat stitches.

The best part is that this is really NOT bread mold. I was totally fooled.

The most important meal from which to find sewing media, apparently.

Thanks ladies for making me hang my head in needle-wielding shame.

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