Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Pleated Clutch: Giveaway Follow-up

I had noted earlier that non-sewers were welcome to enter my giveaway, and that I'd make them something as their prize. There didn't seem to be any non-sewing entrants, and I didn't get around to making the prize until after the giveaway closed, but I thought I'd better make it. It was worth doing to determine whether it's something manageable, and if I want to make any as presents.

If you remember, I said I was going to make a clutch based off of this tutorial:

Source: A Lemon Squeezy Home
Here's my version. (Apologies for some subpar pics, but my go-to lighting arrangement is on the fritz.):

All in all, I think it's pretty cute. And it looks like one would expect, based on the example. I cannot say that it's the best of jobs, but it is a finished job.

I did not get to use any materials directly from any online swaps, but I do feel the work was done very much in the spirit of Sew Grateful. The bubble fabric was obtained at a clothing/craft swap I held locally. The lining and accent fabric was from my Crepe Sew-Along dress leftovers. The embellishment was something I almost shared in the Sew Weekly notions swap. But I didn't, because sometimes selfish is forgivable. The tutorial was online.

Complaints: The lining material was wont to distort, so I ended up with a lining that was a little bigger than I wanted it to be. The thread wasn't matching, so I think that spoils some of the look.  I did topstitch a little too close to the zipper in some areas, but it still opens and gets easier with use. Nothing drastically horrible.

Good things: The zipper was actually much easier to put in than I expected. (Could it be that I'm getting better at this sewing business?) The instructions on the tutorial were clear and easy to follow. I got some stash-busting done. AND I get to give it to Kat. So what if she sews?!? I made it for this giveaway, darn it, so it is being given away!

Inside Pocket
As for other projects, I am getting some done. Most are for presents, so you won't see them here until after the holidays. But I may post them in other places, for those who don't get presents from me. I'll let you know if I do, so you can join in on the hush-hush process of prize making.

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  1. that looks so proffessional. lovely x x x