Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sewn Arts Sunday: Embroidery Narrative

So, one of the things I really like seeing in sewn arts is how a story gets told. In any art, really. But I guess I often think of sewn arts as either super abstract or super homecrafted sampler style. You know, a pithy saying in cross-stitch, or embroidered flowers on a pillow, or monogrammed clothing.

This post is more on that narrative that I love seeing in sewn arts. Scenes played out, something communicated about a setting or state of mind, where the medium and the subject merge in some delightful manner that creates a sense of story, plot, or conflict and resolution. I hope you enjoy them!

Gillian Bates

Aya Kakeda via Pichaus

Veronica Fuentes, of Whimsiology

Veronica   Jillian Tamaki even merges the two concepts here a little more literally (literarily?) with her amazing embroidery art for book covers:

Source: Whimsiology. Check out Jillian's Emma cover too!