Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who Needs Halloween?

Earlier in November, my Buddy and I went on our vacation. We always try to get it in around when the weather starts getting colder, since Buddy has such a poor tolerance of the cold. This year, we flew over to California, visited some friends in SanFran and LA, and then took a rental car out into the Coachella Valley to visit some desert.

Since my Halloween plans were botched by some unexpected car issues over the weekend, I thought that I'd take advantage of the trip to get some sweet pictures of my Halloween costume in the desert. In my opinion, the desert makes everything look good. I mean, it's so HOT.

Skull Rock
The "Star".  NOW GET OFF MY SET!
I had hoped to take pictures by Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park, but by the time Buddy and I got back from our little hike so that the sun was in a better position, half of the visitors in the park had all decided that they too had to be by Skull Rock. In my way.

So, I took my time doing up my make-up by our car, hoping all forty of them would notice how I must be on important photography business and get out of my way. BUT they didn't. Too preoccupied by their own lives. Hrmph.

In the end, we drove a little bit down to the Big Rocks campground, which I think worked out for the best. Lots more places to climb and lounge and hide. And pose, of course.

I didn't make any clothes for this outfit. The headdress was simple black lace, cut to size. The leather necklace was bought at a festival this past year. The flower you've already seen from my flapper outfit. And my hair was just a mess, because I didn't pack my hairpins for the day. The dress was lent to me by my neighbor downstairs when she learned that it fit me. She loves the dress but it's not her size; she's been holding onto it for the right moment for it to shine. I hope I do not disappoint.

I did make the "peineta de hueso" out of cardboard and a shell comb I had already but barely wore. It broke in transit to LA, and the ties keeping the cardboard on actually helped it stay together, so it worked, but I'm not sure how long it will last at this point. Talk about refashioning! Cardboard is a great medium for the most random of things!

The face paint speaks for itself I think. In the sight of a good camera, I perhaps didn't do as good of a job with consistency on tone, but I still think it works.

I love face paint. It's almost as good as dress up clothes. Just cheaper. And so much better than makeup. One would think that one would be as good at one as at the other, but really, they just channel different things altogether. Costume vs. fashion statement, I suppose.

Anyhow, I hope you like the pics! Despite my undercurrent of anxiety and grumpiness that someone would spoil the whole thing at any moment (what with the whole having to share Skull Rock), I had lots of fun.

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  1. Fab outfit! Especially love the headdress! You should have had someone with a clipboard jostling the other people at Skull Rock out of the way and saying 'Don't you know who she is?' in a condescending tone,they would have moved then, but you'd also have an audience...