Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas Recap: Clothing Projects

I know, I know. It's the new year and I should stop talking about Christmas. But I'm not done yet!

I have a few more clothing gifts (and food gifts) that I can catch you up on later, but I thought I'd give you a review of some of the clothing I made for other folks for Christmas. This is my first time actively coming up with refashions too, so you may have seen some of these lovelies over at ReFashion Co-op. I am pretty proud of how the skirts turned out, though the capes are just further proof that I should not be trusted to self-draft. ;)


Lace Frankenstein Skirt

Posted at ReFashion Co-op here.


Self-Drafted (read: hastily and poorly constructed) Dress-up Capes. 

Fortunately, for dress up, bling has more weight than exact hemming or seam construction.


Felt Appliqued Hammer Tee

For my darlin' little cousin, who has a love of hammers. I may still write on the back, "I hava hamma for dat." Also, I have newfound respect for those who can sew around small applique details.


And my favorite: 
Sweater Skirt and Matching Legwarmers.

Deets at Refashion Co-Op here.

Like I said earlier, there is at least one more clothing project I need to tweak before I can post it. Sometimes I forget that my family may wear very similar sizes as I do, but that they are constructed differently. So some fitting adjustments to do and then I'll share the last one!

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