Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sewn Arts Sunday: Happy New Year!

I had a hard time deciding what would be good to post about for a Sewn Arts Sunday, when it lands on the New Year. How do you illustrate the new year? So, I figured that I'd post things that I felt moved by from my Google search results. Some may be a day late, but why not?

The one thing I always seem to associate with New Year's Eve, is bling. And how cool would it be to wear this gem-embroidered necklace on your night of fun?

Source: MaryJanes and Galoshes, via

The best part is that MaryJanes and Galoshes has provided us with a lovely tutorial on how to make one of these for ourselves! NYE may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some sewn bling for the year to come.

The Purl Bee has Molly's Sketchbook's post on New Year's Eve Coasters and Silver and Gold Coasters, which look simple to make, but really add some nice flash.

And speaking of silver and gold, check out this Indian wedding skirt! It's not new year related, but it is beautiful hand sewing and follows that new year's theme.

Indian Wedding skirt
Source: Celeste33
Here's a few more silver and gold goodies from Etsy:

Source: ReluctantDamsel

Source: IKAHN

Source: RetroKittenVintage

And in a completely different fashion direction:

Source: viralthreads

Happy New Year, you wonderful reader, you! I hope to continue to enjoy your company over the next year as well. Onwards to more sewing, eating, and making!


  1. Happy New year! It would be hard fitting all those beads down your top wouldn't it!!
    Just wanted to say another thankyou for the patterns in SW swap. I do intend to make one of the dresses, the one with flap button and collar, but probally when the weather improves here, so do bear with me. x x x

  2. Beautiful gold apparel. Love all the bling.