Monday, March 05, 2012

Moon Munkie Mystery Make Winners!

I just received Moon Munkie's package in the mail Saturday night! Want to see what I got?

Pretty nice, right? All nice and coordinated and lovely and itchy-finger making. :)

I have a couple ideas on what to use some of the pieces for, as I have some upcoming projects I have to make for a certain baby shower for a certain sister-in-law. Some of the projects I can get done within the month, so I'll stick with those. Others may have to wait until later this Spring.

Do any of these goodies inspire you? What would you make?

And don't think I have forgotten to name my package winners for my own giveaway. I had five folks volunteer to join in the fun, so I'm just going to make five packages instead of four. The folks who have agreed to make stuff out of my eclectic medium-sized packages of goodies are: Kat, Rachel, Moon Munkie, Marilo, and Masustak Eguzkitan!! I have some of your addresses, but if you could email them to me at sneakfuzz (at) hotmail (dot) com just to make sure I have them right, I'd appreciate it.

I will let you ladies know when the packages are sent out. I hope you find something fun to make with what I'm sending!


  1. What a surprise!!! I´m going to receive a Moon Munkie´s package! You make my day, I´m really excited!! I´ll send you an e-mail.

  2. yeahh, so excited !!

    Hum, what I would make with what you got.. I think a little quilted bag/tote... with the zipper closure and the cute notions and a separated crochet flower key ring to add on the bag...

  3. Wow! At last I can see the misterious content of the packages. Can't wait to see what's in mine and what you make with yours. Thank you very much!

  4. So glad it arrived! And thanks for including me in your own make. I'll be looking forward to getting the package sometime. Have emailed my address.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Jemma (Moon Munkie)

  5. Oh, how exciting, thank you! :-)

    Also, can you email me your address? I still haven't heard from one of the winners of my Mystery Make parcels, so I'd like to send one your way instead. :-) macska at gmail dot com