Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sewn Arts Sunday: FiberPhiladelphia 2012

This is the opening weekend for FiberPhiladelphia 2012. I only just discovered this through Mr. X-Stitch (who happened to recently post an interview with Karen Reimer, who I wrote about recently for this series).

Some eye candy from contributing artists to what looks to be an overwhelming and fascinating show going through May. Ehese pieces may or may not not be part of the show, but are at least past/concurrent works.:

Robin Schwalb

Source: Daily Barn

Nancy Crow
Source: Nancy Crow

Erin Endicott

Source: Mr X-Stitch

Joetta Maue
Source: Apartment Therapy

Myrna Tatar

Source: Kathryn Clark

Migalli Rizzo
Source: John Paul Morabito

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