Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Person to Fall Asleep at the Party

Rearing to go party hardy... with a good book?

All week I've been looking forward to the Pyjama Party hosted by Karen, at Did You Make That? Work was crazy cramped and stressful, my body was tired, and I had nothing else planned for this weekend! (See previous post to understand how rare and aMAZing that is.)

It was only by Saturday morning, as I was doing work at the yoga studio, that it dawned on me that SATURDAY, not Sunday was the pyjama party. And I had nothing to wear. Well, nothing pajama like that I had made yet, at least. And it took me only a little while longer to realize that I needed a nap.

Yesterday consisted of a lot. of. sleep. And a mind that wouldn't stop thinking about sewing.  It's a painful mix, folks. I had a dream last night that I cut before adjusting the pattern. I think it had something to do with these PJs.

Sooo... where is everyone? The party is today (Sunday), right?
It wasn't until the tail end of the day (as in midnight-ish?) that I got some sense of focus and energy yesterday. Good timing right? But at least I was ready to start on my PJs, right before bedtime.

I used a vintage cotton fabric I got in a barter. I say it's vintage because of the design, and because the selvage was much smaller than what one gets these days. I actually had to add some extra fabric to the inner leg/crotch portion of the back legs, because the selvage was so narrow. In truth, though, I'm not really sure about it's true age.

The pattern I used was the lovely little pj pattern that Kat sent me for the Moon Munkie Mystery Make, as I'd mentioned before: New Look 6924. I didn't want pants, so I shortened the length. I didn't, however, actually pay attention to the length between top and crotch. Dangit!

Folks, I could have worn the pair I cut out originally over this belly relatively comfortably. Or my pjs would have been pants with the MC Hammer low-crotch. Either way, it was good I slept on it, because I woke up fully lucid and just chopped off about 2.5 inches from the top. (That way, these would still be loose on the hips, lowish in the crotch, but not re-dik.)

Well, while I'm waiting, I'll just read some.
 As for reading material, I am sadly waaaay too hyper-focused on sewing these days to read any fiction consistently. However, I do make some time to read some books on getting ready to get my little child out into the world with minimal resemblance to the Alien movies. A yoga teacher I know lent me this book, Birthing From Within, and so I'm reading that. Along with another book on pregnancy (The Thinking Woman's Guide to Pregnancy... I think?) and A Dance With Dragons when I stop obsessing about sewing. Birthing From Within is good, as it's about really exploring your own expectations and questions about the birth experience. My main complaint so far is that it has all of these fun-sounding art assignments that I want to do, but am too busy doing other things. At least one of those things is sewing.

*Yawn* Wake me when the party gets here.
I must admit though, that I am proud of this very simple project. Unlike my Bambi shirt, the issues to which I still need to fully confess, I tried to actually think the seam finishes and other details through. I did flat felled seams, because they're the neatest to me, and simply pinked the center seam, since the cotton is so thin. Thank goodness for easy patterns, because it was just what I needed to simply enjoy the process and be more present in the experience.

If you want to see seams and print details on the fabric, I'm sorry, but you have to look at my bum.
I anticipate wearing these shorts around the house a lot come summer, when my prego-self will be hot and grumpy. The choice of fabric continues to gratify me because it's so light and non-assuming and soft. Is it wrong if I wear these all day?

I also plan on making a pair or two of yoga pants as well, but they'll have to wait for when I finish making a dress or two for this week's special events.

Thanks Karen for hosting the fun party! And darn it, I wish I could try that Sweeteeny Tini! Oona, do you think Ruggy would make me a post-labor cocktail? I've got some homemade ginger-blood orange vodka I'm steeping over here...


  1. hahaha very pretty fabric + pattern combo..

  2. Heh, brilliant post. :-) (I must admit to being a bit late to the party as well - I made my PJ's on Sunday morning. Oops!)

    (Only, what the heck is it with pajama patterns and crazy huge crotch depths?!? You'd think that after this many years designing the things, the designer type people would have figured it out. *sigh*)

  3. I think you are allowed to wear your Me Made jammies all day, especially in the second trimester. Rest up !! I had the same book Birthing From Within but ended with an epidural anyway. I

    1. As long as that baby was born happily and healthy! :) I have a feeling those jammies will get lots of use those first few weeks postpartum.