Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sewn Arts Sunday: Taxidermy, and a Bridge

Source: Morbid Anatomy
As weird as it may sound to some, I totally consider taxidermy a sewn art. Among other things, as I know that there are plenty of other aspects to the work as well. I just heard of the Morbid Anatomy classes on Anthropomorphic Taxidermy, and am quite smitten by the idea. Not enough to enroll, but still smitten.

(And don't worry, they're ethically obtained animals.)

If taxidermy is too much, perhaps you'd prefer a fox lamp?

Source: Matsutake

Matsutake offers a tutorial and free fox pattern.

Or, you could enjoy Mellisea's little hot dog:

Source: MrXStitch

Or you could just go for something completely different:

Source: Craftzine
I'm not sure how you do needlepoint lace, but Dorie Millerson does it with amazing skill and ambition. I love this bridge! She also has other fun works, including a streetcar and vintage-inspired scenes between people.

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