Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sewn Arts Sunday: Islamabad Fashion Week

So, I may love my own clothes, but I can't say I'm much of a fashionista. I know what I like, and I often do not discern the nuances of the runway that so many other folks seem able to do.
Source: Daily Messenger
However, this past week was the Islamabad Fashion Week, and when I saw a post on it I really wanted to share it with you. The principal reason for this is that we are often so bombarded by Western fashion meccas and their fashion weeks, that we don't realize just how many amazing fashion designers there are out there. We also take for granted that all fashion is for skinny (read: gaunt) models who don't like to wear much in terms of fabric. Working with traditional fashion concepts within Pakistani culture as well as modern fashion concepts, the designers for this fashion week reminded me of just how much more there is out there to play with. And how modest things can be while still being provocative. And how many shirtless male models there are world-wide.

Enjoy the shots below, but certainly check out the website for Islamabad Fashion Week. Pakistan Music Mind also seems to have an extensive level of coverage as well. :)

Source: Pakistan Music Mind


  1. oh my that orange skirt is just wonderful. x x x

  2. That's really cool! Thanks for sharing!