Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Drape Stripe Dress

A sewing project! Yay!

I don't know that I have much to say about this project. Based off of Drape Drape 2's draped dress pattern, this dress was actually quite easy to make. I have been postponing making the dress because it involved tracing a pattern from a quite crazily packed pattern form from the book. (They had like four different patterns all on top of one another on the same page.) And I didn't have decent tracing paper to use. After seeing a recent recommendation to use blueprint paper, I simply went to the art store near my doctor's and bought me a couple of rolls. Genius. Why didn't I just do that before. I ask you?!?!? (That's right! It's your fault!)

That said, the dress came together quickly and easily once I finally traced the pattern like I was supposed to. I added sleeves based off of Simplicity 2261's flutter sleeves, and bound the neckline and sleeves with leftover scraps from a jersey sheet I refashioned ages ago. Since the edges of the sheet were already folded and bound, it made the binding super easy on the sleeves and easier on the neckline (similar to bias tape, really).

The fabric is super soft and flowy, which makes this top a pleasure to wear. I'm so tactile. I do think that the weight of the sleeves, along with some possible stretching of the neckline while binding may have stretched the neckline a bit further than I would have preferred. But we'll see how it fairs after a washing or two. If it becomes problematic, I'm sure I'll live. Nothing wrong with wearing a tank underneath.

The best part is that the dress will be super appropriate throughout much of the pregnancy and well after. It is a little short, so I may just wear it as a top at the tail end of the summer. Who knows? I'll keep you up to date as we go along, okay?


  1. That's a super lovely dress/long top whatever you decide to go with wearing it as! I really like stripy jersey, and looks great teamed with the red belt.

  2. Very cute! Love the fabric, especially paired with the red trim and belt. :-)

  3. Cute! I love the stripe fabric and the red trim contrasting.