Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sewn Arts Sunday: Science Love

I could do a post on Easter, I suppose.

But my sister's birthday was this past week, so I thought I'd celebrate her a little bit today.

I have two sisters, both of whom are pretty amazing, strong, highly intelligent women. My younger sister just turned 29 this week, and I must say that there is much that I admire about her. She is a science teacher at a high school, and she is good at it. Having tried to teach an SAT class to overly privileged youth one year, I can say that there is an immense gift that is given to a good teacher. I honestly do not know how they do it.

I would hate it. But then, I am sure there are things that I enjoy doing that my sisters would never want to do for the long term.

In honor of my lovely seeester, I immediately thought of sharing these amazing anatomical sculptures by Karine Jollet:

Source: Craftzine

Source: Craftzine

Source: anatomanie

Source: Karine Jollet

The nerd in me rejoices at such stitchery! And the all of me rejoices in having an admirable and mind-blowingly astounding younger sister!

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  1. I love you too, my wonderfully creative, loving, astoundingly genius and incredibly beautiful sister.