Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sew Grateful

Debi from My Happy Sewing Place has organized a Sew Grateful challenge in which bloggers make projects from items that they've received in giveaways, swaps, or other shall-we-say pro-social avenues available in blogland (tutorials, presents, sew-alongs, etc.) Her premise was to really celebrate just how supportive the blogging sewing community is for everyone.

When she posted her invitation, I knew just what projects I wanted to do. At the end of summer, M is for Make hosted a giveaway for a fat 16th of Storyboek fabric from Birch Fabrics. I can't do much with fat 16ths other than quilt, and had commented in the giveaway that my niece's birth was the highlight of my summer. It only seemed appropriate to make a quilt for her from the material. Forgive the lack of a "full frontal" picture of the quilt. I couldn't quite get a good lighting or set-up to get a picture that did it justice.

Because the Storyboek collection has so many "boy friendly" fabrics, I thought I would make a second quilt for my nephew (my niece's elder bro) so that they could have matching quilts.
again, bad pic, but at least you get a sense of the layout
I knew I'd use the softest-pillow-cases-I've-ever-found as the supplementary fabric, but ended up realizing that I just didn't have enough between the Storyboek and pillow cases to make both quilts. I ended up using other fabric I had won in a previous raffle from Monkey Magic when there was the Japan Quake fund raising. I even got to use my leftover fabrics from my Swing Dress Sew-Along dress that Casey hosted.  And I used the information from the Quilt Making 101 series and a great tutorial from Olive and Ollie for the binding. These quilts are just the epitome of the online sewing community.
The back of my niece's quilt

I think they worked out well enough for a n00b quilter. I can't seem to manage to get my lines straight or my fabric from getting wonky, but I'm hoping these quilts last at least a few years before they fall apart. Either way, it was gratifying to figure out the general process. I am still a bigger fan of clothes sewing, but don't feel put off by the idea of quilting as much. My great-grandmother was an amazing quilter and I know I cherished my own quilt that she made. I only hope they will like theirs a quarter as much as I loved mine.

Detail, fabric from Monkey Magic

Detail, Storyboek fabric from M is for Make
 And just a reminder as we celebrate giveaways, my giveaway for four yards of stretchy fabric and my first very own purchased by me sewing pattern is still underway. I've changed the layout of my blog for now to make it easier to follow me, should you like. Just make sure you leave comments if you want a chance at winning! I will ship anywhere, and don't be fooled by the envelope. The pattern is pretty spotless.

For those non-sewers out there, if you still want to comment, I can simply make you something in lieu of the pattern and fabric. I don't want to leave you out!  I will try to think of a good item to make and will post it ASAP. If I don't, then maybe you'll get  a nice surprise!

All in all, I am so glad Debi has hosted her challenge. I not only got to finish projects I've been meaning to do for months, it all was in the name of just how grateful I am. Grateful for my family, grateful for what I have been given, grateful for the chance to share with others, grateful for all the online resources that are helping me maintain my hobby, and grateful for you dear readers. Thank you.

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  1. Bo loves his quilt. He's been carrying it with him everywhere since you gave it to him. :)