Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanks for the Read: 200th Post Giveaway!

Update: This giveaway is closed.

In the past week, Debi from My Happy Sewing Place has been celebrating her blogiversary with amazing giveaways. It has been quite a while since I was given this blog as a birthday gift. (From Niff, who is both an amazing artist and an amazing aerialist.) To celebrate the number of years (6!!) this blog has been floating around, especially since a few of those years the blog was neglected and quiet, does not seem appropriate for some reason. However, when I noticed that I was fast approaching my 200th post and that Thanksgiving was so soon, I knew it was a prime opportunity for a giveaway.

In trying to figure out what would be  a good giveaway, I realized just how little I understand on what appeals to others. When doing swaps, I keep my fingers crossed that the recipient will actually like what I am sending. I can guess, but I am never confident that I actually know what others would like. I feel like that sums up my fashion sense in general. I'm never quite sure if what I'm wearing would be considered appropriate by others.

It would then seem appropriate to host a giveaway that is simply reflective of who I am and my own fashion sense.

Enter this pattern:

I bought this pattern my sophomore or junior year in high school at a yard sale across the street from my home. It's two sizes too big, but I remember it being super cheap and a great option for making a dress for homecoming. And when I say homecoming dress, I mean that I had a vision here folks. I wanted a camouflage dress. Yes, this was in the early Nineties, but please understand that in my cornfield high school, this just had not been done yet. I thought I was genius, and I sent myself into giggles of glee whenever I thought of what a brilliant plan this was.

It seems that my pictures of the dress are at my parents' home, so you'll have to imagine the long nightgown done in this type of print:

Source: Lura's Fabric Shop

I really wanted to wear it with these boots, but I couldn't find any my size that I could actually afford:

Source: Huntingboots.com
I ended up getting some brown "combat" boots from Payless instead. I was so proud.

I even made a tie out of the same material for my "date" (I didn't really have a date. I just took my cousin that everyone thought was super cute to show that I knew cool people too).

I thought I still had that dress cozied up in my bin of memories. My cousin Libby and I wore the thing to threadbareness, with numerous resewing of the seams to keep it going. Rather than get rid of it completely, I thought I stowed it away with my super huge corduroy pants that held 2 liter bottles in its pockets and my flaming platform boots. (Ah, the Nineties.) But, alas, I cannot find it. Or my platform boots. :( If I do pinpoint its location, pictures will ensue.

I may even make myself a new one...

So, for my giveaway, to celebrate my verbosity and inability not to talk about things that get me excited, I am giving away this pattern along with some stretchy material that I feel would make for a super comfy, slinky nightie. I'll likely include a couple of other goodies in there too.

 The pattern is uncut and all there. So, you can make any of these versions should your heart so desire.

The pattern is for a size Large (16-18), and here's the size chart if you need it:
Source: Amazon

Obviously, if a novice seamstress of 15 could figure out how to make it two sizes smaller relatively effectively, I'm sure you could adjust the size as needed quite easily.

The fabric is about four yards' worth, so you could make any of the projects shown on the envelope. It's quite thin, and after I got it, I couldn't figure out how to line it and still take advantage of its stretch. But it's perfect for this kind of project, as far as I'm concerned. Or any negligee, bra, or slip type of project.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is to leave a comment.

It could be about what your first major project was or your favorite moment of fashion genius or what you'd like to see more of on this blog. I'm not too concerned with whether you follow me or not (I want you to do that because you want to), but if you want multiple entries, you're welcome to follow me and let me know you did so. If you already follow me, then thank you! Leave a comment saying so, so you get recognized for being kind enough to read my rambles. :)

If you really really want more entries (bless your soul), then you can also follow my Tumblr account and/or Twitter feed. They both essentially offer the same updates, but what the heck, if you want it the entries, you should get the entries. I may even start tweeting stuff relevant to my blog posts!

You can live anywhere and still qualify; I am not stingy on postage. I'll do the random number deal on December 1.

In the end, all I'm saying is thank you. And that I hope you are enjoying these posts.

UPDATE: For those non-sewers out there, if you still want to comment, I can simply make you something in lieu of the pattern and fabric. I don't want to leave you out!  I will try to think of a good item to make and will post it ASAP. If I don't, then maybe you'll get  a nice surprise!


  1. Haha, gotta love those memories of the 90's! I had a fondness for mini skirts paired with combat boots for a while there. Those were the days.....

    (By the way, I can't figure out how to follow your blog! The usual 'follow' link isn't there, and I can't see any other options. Help?!?)

  2. Yay, now I can find the follow button - thanks! :-)

  3. I'm glad to have found your blog. I have recently fallen in love with sewing after resisting it ferociously when I was little and my mom was trying to teach me.

    I find I enjoy upcycling something I find at Goodwill, and like cooking hate following instructions. Add a little bit here.... a but there...

  4. I've just started sewing myself, and I'm absolutely blown away with the huge sewing blogging community!

    So glad to have stumbled upon your site - I'm so inspired by your creations already.

  5. I think this is awesome, and while a giveaway brought me here, I added you to my own feeds (a tab in firefox) to keep up in the future.

  6. I came to your blog via Debbie's blog. Now I'm hooked and have added you to my daily reads! Also... as I am from the Middle of Nowhere NY, I totally get the camo Homecoming dress...

  7. I had no idea sewing would become such a big part of my life. I AM sew grateful to the sewing blogging world for inspiring me so much.

  8. Sew grateful was a fab initiative ... Xx