Friday, August 12, 2005

artistic development

okay, y'all. it's been at least a year since i've drawn seriously, and it's been at least five years since i've had any consistent feedback and assignments given to me. so, i'm trying to figure out ways to challenge my development as an artist so that i can really give this part of my life a decent amount of attention. i'd like to try a number of different activities to keep myself challenged, and i was hoping you could help.

generally, i work in pencil and/or ink. let's start there, shall we? can you give suggestions on exercises/projects that will have me move beyond my current style? i am posting a sketch i did at the beach, so that you can see (if only somewhat) what kind of style to which i generally gravitate.

sandy foot

okay, okay. i know that i'm not giving you too much to work with. it's like i said, it's been a while since i've done a lot of drawing. and i need help getting these creative juices flowing. so, throw out some suggestions should you have them. some random drawing exercises. some different ways of using these two mediums of pen and pencil, just to give me a good place to start. any and all help is appreciated.



  1. I can't believe this is your first drawing in that long. It really doesn't seem like you lost me it looks like you have only gotten better with practice (if i didn't know anybetter.)

    good exercizes are things like blind contours (which i see you are doing!) and doing smaller studies..concentrating on details, and seeing how far you can take it. but mainly, just have fun. This is a really great drawing Seeks, I love teh big toe and the one next to it...and the sand on the foot is great too. KEEP IT UP!

  2. maybe join the "Everyday Matters" drawing group? they post weekly assignments and I've found that to be helpful if I'm at a loss for "what" to draw, plus it's fun to see everyone's

    here's the link

  3. thanks niff and cin! i really do need to start with some small things; preferably non-figures. detail can get so burdonsome for me sometimes.

    and cin, i have been considering doing illustration fridays and or the everyday matters group after seeing other folks' posts for blind contour friday today. we'll see how it goes. thanks for the suggestion; it's nice to feel invited into a drawing group as opposed to just jumping right in.

  4. Cin is right -- the Everyday Matters group is a great source for drawing inspiration and support! I just read your whole blog, and loved it! It is so cool that your friend gave you a blog for a present ... I never heard of anyone doing that, but I LOVE it.

  5. linda- i am so glad that you like my blog. i hope that i'll be able to keep up the good work; it's flattering to have other folks read my thoughts and enjoy it.
    and, well, i am very happy that niff gave me this blog. a simple gift, but who would think i'd like it so much!

  6. bother. my membership request to everyday matters was denied. so, i guess i'll just have to wing it on my own. if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

  7. heck! I didn't know you could be denied from the group...scary.

    maybe you don't have enough stuff yet...keep it up!

  8. are you sure you were denied? there was a long delay after I applied (2 months or more)and I thought the same thing, but one day I just happened to check back and suddenly I was "in". So keep checking!

  9. yeah, i was denied. it said so. i got an e-mail that said, "you are denied. these decisions are final." but that's okay. i'll try to do things on my own. i already have realized in this week that there are lots of things i need to work on. it was worth trying though!

  10. at niff's and cin's encouragement, i e-mailed danny (everyday matter's moderator). this is the reply i recieved:
    I don't know what happened. I have sent you an invitation to join;
    reply to it and all should be cool.
    You've joined the right group.; you may join the gallery group later
    if you post a lot but don't worry about it for now.
    I'm glad you're here.

    Your pal,

    yay! i am *not* denied! perhaps this will give me a chance to do more projects. thanks all!

  11. I think your foot drawing is wonderful! It is a simple pencil sketch and yet the contour is detailed and great. May be the outline should be just a bit darker to make it "pops out" more? Or make the shadow area closest to the foot just a tad darker to give it more definition?
    Cheers. Evy (from EDM)