Thursday, August 11, 2005

blind contour friday 02

vanessa blind contour
here's my second go at the blind contour friday. it's of my friend and coworker vanessa. needless to say that she is far more beautiful than my blind contour of her resting at my table. she and i had just returned from an evening of dancing and had eaten a bunch of longaniza (filipino sausage) with rice and eggs (YUM!); that kind of combination exhausts anyone.

for those trying to make sense of the image, she is resting her head on the table (not shown) and her forearm is perpindicular to the tabletop. think of it as an "L", with her head as the shorter leg. it is interesting to note how all of the small details of the image are grossly larger than the larger scale parts (e.g., her hand is almost twice the size of her arm, and her facial features overwhelm her face). however, it is perhaps far more interesting than what i would have drawn of her, left to my own deeply ingrained artistic tendencies.

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  1. I love this! I didn't see the hand at first (i thought it was hair) but now that i see it, it rules! (i'm a dork) your facial proportions are right on. It's so good to see you drawing again.

  2. I see it now! It took a minute but that is the fun of it---and your drawings are more complex than mine, too. (I covet last week's beach umbrella one.) I had the same scale disparity with some of mine this week--- it gets hilarious sometimes, doesn't it? I like your blog very much, in case I didn't say that in my earlier comment.

  3. yeah, it took me a minute too. pointing DOWN... looks alive, Jes

  4. She's ravishing! Tell her to move in for her close up! What fun....don't you love BC?

  5. thanks all for the compliments. i really do love bc, lindsay. i'm usually so confined in how i draw, it's nice to have a means of exploring looseness and not being too married to exactitude.

  6. now that you've oriented me I can see it clearly, the unusual viewpoint threw me at first. . . . nice ! . . . funny the one thing everyone drew very clearly in all the portraits were lips!