Sunday, August 07, 2005

blind contour friday (monday)

i know that this is late in coming, but i had an excuse being out of town and all that. i tried to keep my first blind contour simple, so i did my flip-flops.
beach chair
this here's a beach chair.
and this, my dear friends, is supposed to be a beach umbrella with clothes hanging underneath it. i guess i got a little too enthusiastic here.


  1. were you looking up at it?
    that is insane! i LOVE IT! hah.

    so glad you are drawing again.

  2. p.s.
    that is some awesome hair in your pic. i miss that hair.

  3. hehe, thanks niff. i miss that hair too. i look forward to the days (far too infrequent) when i get to put it up for the whole day. it's disappointing to only have the evening to wear it up the way i like.

    and it is good to be drawing again too. the umbrella was about three yards away or so, so i got a good view of the underside. (is that a word?) they had a bag hanging off the bottom loop (that's it in the bottom right-hand side) and three shirts hanging from the spokes (?) of the umbrella.

    it's funny how i do not seem to know the words to describe the anatomy of an umbrella.

  4. Hey beautiful, Love the art, I am inspired, can't wait to see more abstractions.

  5. Congrats on the site! You are such a talented writer!

    The beach chair blind contour is really beautiful. There's something about how spindly the line is combined with the lighter line in the background on the left. Really nice.

  6. looks good jes. my favorite is the flip flops. shoulda gotten it up on friday! : )

  7. The contours aside, the paper and graphite look is unique. Glad you didn't level them out in post. Very 'real'.

  8. rachael: i'm glad you like the chair. it's nice to know that a drawing with so many inaccuracies can still have artistic merit. thank you also for complimenting my writing. i'm quite flattered!

    sutter: thank you for the compliments. i think the flip-flops are my favorite too. sorry it wasn't up on friday, but that's what happens when you don't have access to a scanner at your campsite.

    trisk: i cannot say that i really know what i'm doing with the paper and picture adjustments. however, i am glad that you like it.

  9. Gosh, these are absolutely fabulous--that beach umbrella is exquisite. Yippee for BCF and Monday, too!