Thursday, August 11, 2005


so. yesterday i interviewed for a new position within my company. and it got me to thinking about just how strange interviews can be. they teeter between being absolutely surreal and being simply inane. i sat there with people i joke around with every time i see them, and i have to tell them when i last lost my temper, what the last creative thing i did was, and what my triggers are in the work environment. the idea of selling myself as a commodity that a company cannot afford to be without seems outlandish, yet there i found myself trying to drive home the fact that i would have no problems meeting their expectations. that i yearn to grow within this company and challenge myself as only this job will allow me.

this interview that i just did was even more odd than usual. i have applied for this position because i honest-to-goodness want to have a go at this job. not because i am desperately trying to find a means of income that just so happens to also coincide with my sensibilities. if i don't get the job, it's no skin off of my nose, and i have never really felt like i was in that sort of position. the interview i had for my current job resulted in me coming home and crying about how i did horribly and how i'll never get a decent job in this market. this interview resulted in a shrug and a presto-chango out of the hot suit i had worn all day.

so much can become invested in one simple contrived moment in one's week. and yet, it makes sense, because one's vocational path can rely upon that moment when you say that you are like that one type of person that your supervisor once told you he cannot stand.


  1. That is a pretty hot suit. I bet if you get that job— it's because of the suit.

  2. Hey beautiful, Good luck with that job thing. I am so bad at interviews myself, I hate selling myself, I would never be a good saleswoman. When I had that phone interview for this internship thing, I didn't even realize it was an interview and I was sure I didn't get the job, until two fridays ago and then I up and left for Kampala, and here I am. Phone interviews are even worse than face to face, especially for one who has a harder time with verbal communication. I find that I place a lot of value on appearances, can you tell?
    Love you lots babe.