Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Belated 28th, Niff!

niff's namesake

I am two weeks late, but I am here to wish Niff a wonderful new year in her life. Hooray for being in my life since 4th grade. Twenty years of friendship??? Are we really there?

I drew the above blind contour in memory of Spam and Baked Beans—one of Niff's numerous nicknames in our high school years. It reminds me of a great deal—driving onto Jeff Markel's front yard, stalking Brett, skipping school, getting awesome postcards from Florida, and print-outs of dirty conversations over IM between Josh Barnes and strangers.

Niff, we have had a crazy twenty years together, and no matter how much we have grown apart in terms of distance and time spent together, I love the fact that we are still so dear to each other. Should I ever need anything, I know you are there in mind and spirit, if you can't be there in person. You have provided me with a lovely sense of stability (by allowing me to be there to support you) and common sense. Your loyalty and creativity always humble me.

Thank you for years of friendship and love, Niff! Though you may feel old, you will realize that we still have about forty more years of friendship ahead of us.

love, seeks

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  1. you make me cry. i love you SO much.