Sunday, May 21, 2006

happy 16th rico

ain't he cute?

My brother Jericho has just turned 16 today—yippee! I don't have much to say other than happy birthday to him, but I will do my best to embarrass him since it's my job as his older sister.

rico art at age 6?
what better way to embarrass my 16 year old brother than to post a picture he drew ten years ago?

Above is a picture he drew for me when he was six or so, and posted below is a story that he started around the age of 12 (before Ian and I stole it):

Chapter 1

One dark winter night. It was bitter cold out, and the wind was howling. In the sky was a blood red moon. And in New York the roads were jammed and horns honking furiously.

In a distant ally, there was an attack happening. A poor inocent young girl was being chased when she entered that neighborhood. "Ahhh, get away from me!" the girl screamed. But the man did not move away. "You know what I'm hugary." The strange man said in a weird way. Suddenly the man turns around. The girl went a little more tence. "Hahahahaha," the man chuckled under his breath. He turns around and he was a vampire in supise. Then the girl jumped back and yells an ear-pearcing scream. The girl ran. "There is no use of running I will get you." the vampire yelled in a dammanding voice. The girl was cornered to a deadend. She put up her hands like if it would stop the vampire from biting her.

Suddenly a stroke of wind went across the ally. The girl was knocked to the ground. When she got up she saw the vampire lay on the ground choped in half. Blood was all over the ground. The girl was freaked...

I don't know what happens next. We only found chapter one. We don't even know the title to this thing. You're enticed though, right? It's nice and bloody and violent with the hint of an invincible hero, in true Hansbrough style.

Alas, Rico is growin' up. I don't get the pleasure of reading these stories anymore, because the boy has become a teenager. Too occupied with running track, pole-vaulting, wrestling, girls, myspace, and passing french class, I don't get to enjoy such creative outpourings. *sniff* Makes me all nostalgic.

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