Saturday, April 16, 2011

Japan Quake Appeal Raffle, the goods

I got it! I got it! My raffle winnings from Diane at Monkey Magic arrived! (Yes, I am yelling, and yes, I am doing the Snoopy dance, and yes, I'm using lots, and lots, of commas.)
an endless queue of stamps!

The packaging itself was exciting and fun, which tickled me even further.

they just keep going... and going...

Here are the contents:

I love the kawaii animal prints--toadstools, roosters, rabbits, and hedgehogs for everyone! :) And yes, I know that toadstools aren't animals. They're still cute.

Here are my favorites though:

Now it should be noted that I just ordered myself some cute fabrics from kawaiibeads on Etsy, after my sketchfest for that tsunami/quake appeal quilt I had briefly mentioned before. I don't know why I ordered them, because I knew this package was coming in the mail any day. But part of the proceeds of the fabric are going to the tsunami relief fund, so I suppose it's never a bad thing to contribute.

I think that the main issue here is that I'm so intrigued by this project that I am buying things for it. *Sigh* I sketch like my dad, and buy supplies like my mom.

And for those wondering, these are the fabrics that I ordered:

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  1. I can't tell you how much I love those fabrics! I really need to go and check out that site and etsy shop as never seen them before. My poor bank account! ;)