Friday, April 15, 2011

This Is How I Stay Sane

Source: Comic Art Fans
My father got through thirty some years working at a job he hated by drawing his way to sanity. I imagine him drawing away, creating Frazetta-esque barbarian/hunter figures all while dealing with stressed out co-workers the whole time.
Source: Flavins Corner

Or maybe bears.

This is what I draw while I'm in staff meetings or trying to work myself up to actually doing my paperwork:

The colored pictures are obviously my attempts at envisioning the Crepe dresses I want to make. The line drawing is an idea I have for a quilt I'd like to make with the Japanese fabrics I had mentioned in the Japan Quake Appeal raffle I had failed to get off of the ground.

Though not as dramatic as my father's comic-book inspired sketches, and though I don't hate my job (though I wouldn't mind less hours at it and more spent sewing), I certainly feel like I have a convenient tree on which to blame this apple's drawing habits.

Thanks, Dad!

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  1. When I was in art school in the early '80's, my friends and I all idolized Frazetta's work! If your Dad was inspired by him also, that is too cool!