Saturday, June 04, 2011

Colette Saves My Day, Always

I feel like Colette Patterns' blog reads my mind. Not even my blog, my mind. I have an old post waiting to be written on needing to figure out my presser foot collection, and they send out a little Snippet on that very subject this week. I have all these questions that I just want to post about small details I don't know (Novice Sewer Vents), and they're well ahead of my posts in terms of answering my questions.

However, the best thing Colette Patterns has done for me yet was this post on how we can still access the information on Vintage Sewing Info despite the loss of the website. I knew you could go back and find the cached sites, but wasn't sure about the process.

They've taken the work out of it, by giving us this post. So I can go here. And here. And here. And more places!

And that's why I love them.

A lot.

Thanks Colette. From the bottom of my heart.
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And as a complete side note. Singer still hasn't sent me my sewing machine's manual. Lame. Singer, you're more at the bottom of my list of likable things right now.

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