Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Presser Feet

In line with the last post on how Colette Patterns' blog and snippets always seem to address issues relevant to me, I thought I'd finally post on my presser feet.
Good old standard, I know you.
Now, the original intention of the post was to do my research and explain what all of the presser feet that I found with my mom's sewing machine were actually for.

button hole guide?? upside down??
But it's been months, and I still haven't done that. I'm still waiting for Singer to send me their manual for this machine. The slackers. And I just never feel it when I try to google all of my presser feet. I mean, really, it would work better if I knew what all of the presser feet names actually were, so I could make an educated guess and do image searches to compare and contrast. But I still am a bit in the dark about that. And so it remains to be done.
??whawha?? and zipper foot

So, instead, I'm just going to post all of the pretty pictures I took (it'd be such a waste not to at least enjoy them for their aesthetic value). I mean, if any of you want to tell me what species of presser feet I'm actually looking at, *shrug* I'm cool with that. I'm all ears about these feet.

Is one of these a flat felled seam foot?

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