Friday, August 26, 2011

Catching up

This post will be short. Just wanted to touch base before we potentially lose power over here.

First: let me introduce my niece, MJ.
Cute, right?

Hurricane Irene is due to hit the Baltimore area sometime tonight or tomorrow, so I expect to be out of internet access relatively soon. Our internet connection pretty much disappears during any thunderstorm these days, so I hope that means I'll actually focus on some sewing instead of reading about it. (Which I have been enjoying a great deal of late, I must admit.) I've also stocked up on some reading material about sewing too, in anticipation of having nothing electronic to distract me. I am pulling out camping gear in case the power goes out. My headlamp is nearby.

Additionally, we just had an earthquake over here on Tuesday, which is crazy! I was driving at the time, so I didn't even notice. I'm sort of bummed out about that. First time experiencing an earthquake and I don't even realize it. But to be fair, better that then to be neck-deep in damage. The earthquake itself didn't seem to cause much damage in Baltimore, which is good. Mild damage has been reported to some DC landmarks, but I haven't heard about Richmond's damage levels. I've lucked out.

And finally, just in case folks are interested, I've opened a Tumblr account. I'm posting pictures on there mainly, and using it as a good way to post on some other obsessions of mine: comics, vintage, art. Please check it out. If I'm not careful, I will soon be on pinterest also and then I'll never get anything done. ;)

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