Saturday, October 08, 2011

String Art Trending?

I feel as though in the past week or two, I've seen more string art coming up than I have seen since elementary school. I even saw a tired old string art eagle at the antique mall on Sunday, which I should have taken a picture of, but had not thought of it until now. 

Either way, I love it! I cannot say I fully understand the resurgence or the fact that everyone seems now to be noticing. It's like an old slang term all of a sudden became popular again. Or should I say, "hip" again? (On further review, I wonder if it's just that *I'm* starting to notice it more, or that it's starting to show up more in the home than just art galleries.)

Source:; This one even comes with a DIY tutorial

Source: WiseCraft; String art of fine art

By Dominique Falla; Source: Colossal; Typography meets string art

By Martin Pyper; Source: Colossal; The process leaves me cross-eyed.
Here's a short video, even!

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