Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap: Craft Projects

I'll try to keep the words to a minimum, but thought I'd review some of what I've been working on for holiday presents and projects. There'll be multiple posts coming in the next week or so, since the holidays are really as crazy as they are.

Goldfish pleated clutch, based on A Lemon Squeezy Home's tutorial. I altered the direction of the pleats on this one, and would move them up higher if I were to do that next time. I'm particularly happy with the layering of the fabrics: fish under bubbles!


Little bug ornaments, based on Very Purple Person's cockroach plush tutorial. They're definitely not as well put together as hers, but the scale certainly changed some of my finesse on the leg placement. They made me laugh as I made them, so I'm not going to complain, though.


Earthworm ornaments, self drafted. I had to use coat hanger wire to get them to be sufficiently bendy. Threw on a fleece scarf, and we're off! (Though, I may in future iterations put bead eyes or french knot eyes on them. The first recipient kept on asking where its eyes were.)


Diaper clutch, self drafted. Not very well done, but got to repurpose a gauzy blouse and some inherited cotton fabric for the liner. (I surprisingly got that fun peekaboo effect on the liner fabric under the gauze on this project too. Whee!)  Also got to use a vintage zipper on it too. Hopefully it will be useful, even if it's a little wonky.

And that summarizes my craft projects for holiday gifts. Stay tuned for a summary of more projects this week!

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