Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Recap: Food Part I, Ginger

Next up, food goodies I made for the holiday season. Unlike Thanksgiving, this seemed to be the season to make sweets. Some me-safe, some sorta-me-safe, and some absolutely dangerous. Dangerously delicious.

I was going to put all the food I made in one post, but it was a bit overwhelming. Instead, I've split it by themes: Ginger and Cake.

Holiday Food Post, No 1: Ginger

Ginger Schnapps, a month in making. From the hugest piece of ginger I ever owned, and some vodka. Is it bad that I forgot the brand vodka?

Anyhow, it's gotten some rave reviews from those who've tried it, and has quite the flavor. I didn't even bother adding simple syrup. The ginger gives it a nice sweet without needing the added sugar.

I can't handle this Ging!

Ginger schnapps, in single serving sized jars
Next time, I am going to attempt to make some ginger gin schnapps. Throw that in with some sparkling water and lemon, or some tonic, and get the party started!

My first batch of Buddy's family recipe for shortbread. Quite tasty! But soooo bad for me. I did sneak in a few bites off the edges, because it's so irresistible. Gave them out with honey or jam as small presents to all the family's families.

Delicious Shortbread
They don't have ginger in them, but they're not cakes, so we'll just describe them as ginger colored.

Molasses crinkles, based off my cousin's provided recipe. I really like these too, but made them for folks who can eat them at my work cookie exchange. They're like soft gingersnaps. So the snap is just from the ginger, and not from the cookie's crunch.

Molassas Crinkles

Since I can't have the molasses crinkles, I thought I'd try Elana's Ginger Snaps recipe. Instead of honey, I substituted yacon syrup and glycerin. The yacon adds some nice molasses flavor to it, but I think I may have overdone it. Next time, just a T of yacon and a T of glycerin, instead of 2 T of yacon and .5 T glycerin. Worth trying as a recipe, though, as these cookies didn't last to the cookie exchange.

Right before the oven

Finished product

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